Wednesday, November 30, 2011


While random is good, heartwarming is spectacular!
As much as the weekend was allowed to be unplanned and impromptu (crazy about that word!), what describes it even better is: heartwarming. I can't explain it but I felt particularly loved and good.
You know the worn out term like a blanket is wrapped around you? That's how my weekend felt.

We managed so many things, we found time to enjoy, we laughed a lot.
We also cancelled a plan for the Sunday (due to the hurricane) and maybe that relief of one less thing to do, had something to do with the timeless feeling?

Making our house a little bit better looking for each weekend should affect the feeling also - I feel more harmonic for each project checked off the list, since beauty does that to me!

At the barber shop.

It was time for the boy to get a haircut. 

He was kind of worried about it all.

My cute little wonder did a great job sitting there!

I do love that little sweet face!

After such an achievement a visit to our favorite café was mandatory.

Well done, you!

Christmas feeling.

Lucia bun.

And maybe still, it's the anticipation of the season? Christmas is finally in the air and my boy is ecstatic! 
We're kind of dancing around being giggly and looking forward to some days off together, some creative cooking, some gift wrapping and some board game playing.
We're high on a feeling of what's about to come...
..... and that feels so good!

Christmas decorations in town.

And Santas!!

When mommy tried a dress on, The Boy inspected the premises.

Hear hear: you see why this weekend gave a good feeling? 
A horrific staircase starts to look GOOD!

Baking traditional Christmas sweets called "knäck".

A good thing my boy loves baking.

He's good at it too.

He calls them "knäckis"!

The perfect weekend-kid-room is messy and inspiring!

All of a sudden we found ourselves cooking together in the kitchen. It was fab! 

Dinner, Christmas candy and lunch soup for the upcoming week. We had no limitations this Saturday!

Is there a potion? I ask myself. I have no answer. I don't know what made this weekend so special, so relaxed and so lovely. I'd like to think that it is my ability to carpe diem that gets a little better for each day but I really don't know.

I know this:

- a clean home
- a nice looking home
- unbooked days
- good food and wine
-  doing things together

.... goes a long way. A really long way.

Wednesday again, huh? Capture it and make it special!