Monday, November 28, 2011


I would have brought you some odd photos of the weekend in general but yesterday's storms that met about where we live, took precedence!
What a terrific storm, what fab roaring outside and what gorgeous day it was!

So, behold, photos of a hurricane in the making:

The sky spoke clearly, when we left in the car.

Look at that safety ring - see how it's lifted up???!

High and black waves.

Makes you feel like part of nature. A small part...

The mirror effect is striking.


And then a gorgeous sunset started to show.


There for the taking, for sure. Here and now, for sure!

Brave, strong birds flying about.

An amazing time.

I'm totally energized by it all.

Pink and black.

I felt as free as those birds I always dream of joining!!

The Boy had to make quite the effort trying to walk home from the car :-)

I have a warm heart this day. The weekend was kind to the heart and I felt surrounded by love. I felt open and sensitive in a good way and I took in as well as I gave.

Yesterday was 1:st advent, which is celebrated in my country by lighting the first of four candles. One to be lit every Sunday 'til Christmas. And we lit ours!
I also talked to my son, to my best friend and had time to cook with my husband, bake with my boy and laugh and enjoy and just be. I actually managed to do it all, this weekend. Don't ask me how I did it but I did.

I am so thankful for my life.

A new week is here. Bring it on! I hope you'll all have a great one.


  1. I love a good storm. Happy 1st Sunday of Advent. My family has an advent wreath too, we have a bit of a multi-cultural Christmas, my mother is Hungarian and came to Australia when she was little, so we used to be visited by Saint Nicholas on the 6th of December, and celebrate Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day.

  2. Absolutely amazing photos! I can feel your energy all the way over here in the U.S.

  3. Hazel: wow, that's so interesting to hear - sounds like a great family!
    It's Christmas Eve that we celebrate here too!!!

    Shirley: thank you, my dear friend!