Friday, November 18, 2011


It's official: winter's here. It's freezing out there and it feels like minus forty degrees celsius but was actually plus 4, when it felt like that...
The wind does its part, I guess, and anyhoo: winter is here for sure!

Today I've only got instagrams for you, it has almost become a weekly tradition, this Friday photo dump. Even if it should be a part of the post, it's often becoming the post itself.

The electricity went out one evening. 
It was cosy and lasted only 30 minutes.

Capturing every opportunity to enjoy life!

It was  a spectacular Saturday evening, last weekend.

Grocery shopping with a grand full moon outside.

The cutie pie.

I wonder what this winter has in store for us? I hope to be able to find time to bake and do Christmassy stuff with The Boy.
I know I'll take the time to watch DVD-boxes, lie in foam baths, read and snuggle. Winter is for being inside and enjoying each other's company.
Lit candles are mandatory as is playing board games together.
I also love hot chocolate with whipped cream, so I'll grant myself that at some point.

Since there are so many good things about winter, it might swell go all in - as fas as I'm concerned - and deliver us some snow..!

Carpe Halloween, is what this boy is all about...

We get to experience twilight a lot more, 
'cuz during summer we're often asleep when twilight finally occurs.

Frosty times.

The good forces are still with us, the fantastic fall we received still shines.

The trips to work, together, still ranks up there in top three of the day! 

You might see why?!

Words just won't do it justice. It's gorgeous out there!

Nature's art.

And then it's so good to be home. So darn good sometimes (most times).

Tuesday snuggle with x-mas soda. All by the book!

Snuggling is so snuggly that there's nothing but love.

My sweet boy plays air guitar.

Always a new morning, always a new sky and beauty awaits.

As I said.

On my way to City Hall, in a regular work day.

Wondering about this slogan? The fruit smoothie is fab though...

And good to be home. Again!

It's Friday. Another good week has passed. This day means a funeral for Marcus' grandfather, so it's a Friday of another pace. 
Saturday I'll work many hours and then, naturally, Sunday will have to be easy going. If possible.

I'm guessing easy going, for me, will mean painting the bedroom walls!

There it is in a nutshell!
I wish you a great weekend, folks!


  1. yes the frost appeared briefly for us last week... but disappeared, thankfully.
    It's been beautiful this week, mild and sunny. A trip to the park was a MUST !
    Great instagram photo's ... I don't have an iphone - I'm on an Android phone.
    You asked how I did the photo's of my son... well, they are light painting photo's using long exposure shutter speeds. In a dark room the shutter is left open for 10 seconds (on a tripod)and in that time I painted the air with a torch light near his face. I wanted to light up his big eyes. It's fun!
    jennie. x