Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting jiggy with it again!

We're getting jiggly with it these days: is it Thanksgiving or Christmas? We don't know - we do both!!!

Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here we'll do it anyway - this weekend. We'll eat delicious food, underline what we're thankful for and we'll cherish the time together.
We have such a huge amount of things to be thankful for so we might aswell make a tradition of it.

Now this is a sight to inhale. Gorgeous!

Flowers are still in bloom, while the trees have shed 99% of their leaves.

The leaves go well with the houses' colors! 

Some little family is happy to have their nest here!

There's nothing like nature's beauty.

So, I'm a day late with my update - again. Hectic times. We're loving and living these days and The Boy is now almost totally well from his fever and cold.

These are the times, for sure, for decorating for Christmas! We'll start today and continue tomorrow. We can't wait!

In my country we put stars in the windows and/ or a special kind of Christmas light for the first of advent tomorrow. Since I have a go-all-in-Christmas-loving-boy (and adore Christmas myself) he has convinced me that we should put up all the Christmas decorations at the same time we put the Christmas lights.

So, right now I'm charging. Charging to put another coat of color in the guest bedroom/den and then we'll decorate and start making Christmas candy. What an evening!

Back from yet another party!

The scary vampire.

Life keeps continuing.

Not apologizing for its beauty.

I remain in awe, in my garden.

And I again feel that all is good.

As does he.

He was so ill with the fever. He fell asleep like this.

The garden is still useful for lanterns and cosiness.

Wanna hear something funny? These hairy white legs (well my shaver is mysteriously missing) and these newly painted nails went out running in a very short dress when I was home with the boy. A man ringed the door bell and I had to assist him with some filters to the heat system and I looked like this. Hideous!

In the sick-sofa.

It's a quite splendid Saturday, full of advent promise! I intend to capture it. Getting real jiggly with it in every conceivable way.
Hope you will too. Have a great one!


  1. beautiful images (even when your little boy was ill), and yes - we do have a lot to be thankful for too :)