Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, sweet Monday!

An ending and a start
As reluctant as one might be, leaving a glorious and sweet weekend, it will be done.
In that very second countdown for the upcoming one begins!

I really hope all of you out there had a good weekend and that you allowed yourself to rest and enjoy.

The grapes. They tell of every season and now they're saying that all the leaves soon are gone...

These babies are remarkable. They still give fall a match!

And these too!

Fall has its perks, even at ground level.

Talk about giving fall a match...

If mommy steps outside my keeper must watch my every move.

Still beauty in the trees.

A tiny little wound on The Boy's finger was a big alarm, Friday.

I really don't know if I see things more intensely now or what it is, but the sky is amazing.

A Friday snuggle opportunity arose. We headed downtown. Impromptu is the word!


And as the battery in the camera went out, the sky and town went beautiful.

It went absolutely magical and if there was a moment to preserve, this was it.

I don't think I've ever experienced twilights as those we have here, ever before.
Or is it perhaps this carpe thing I've gotten so much better at? I don't know!

Red alert
I though about it a lot: do I see and experience things around me more now or have I always done it but not really seen it? I know I haven't always done it, I didn't see seasons, the sky or discover scents during those years when I was in red alert-mode 24-7. I remember when I went off the red alert - then I felt the fall scent, the soil and flowers in spring, as if it was for the very first time ever!

Now that I intensely take photos and started this blog for the specific purpose to let myself be off duty and let go of work challenges on my time off, I see the beauty of the world.
I see it even when I am camera-less, which I actually am sometimes!
This morning the jogging lap offered gorgeous sights of sharp yellow leaves and totally empty tree branches. Watching them all, I felt that there hasn't been a fall earlier when I experienced it this way. I love it and I'm very thankful for this new ability: the world is a beautiful place.

Maybe it's the being 40?! I totally like being 40.

There are fewer photos in all three posts this week. I simply didn't have time to take as many pics as I usually do. Maybe it's the balance thing again? Last week I took many hundreds...

Monday's here. Have a great start of the week ladies and gentlemen!


  1. And your pictures are always wonderful! Have yourself a great week too! :)