Monday, November 14, 2011

Things that stand out

Two things stood out, the passed week, and they stand out in my entire life aswell:

1. A text message I got from my oldest son
2. Friday 11-11-11 when hubs and I celebrated 11 years of marriage

First things first
I got a text message, in the middle of my work day, that was larger than life. It was from my son describing how thankful he is that I'm his mother, telling how happy he is that he got me for a mother and that he loves me endlessly.
He wrote about one of many great memories from his childhood and since those fantastic memories were incorporated in horrible times and years, I was both surprised and pleased that even to him, the good ones stand out and remain.
I shed a few tears and closed my door at work.
I wrote back, explaining how happy the message had made me and told of my own super strong love. I got yet another message back and I feel so blessed, so chosen, so loved and so utterly happy that I need nothing else ever again in life, after this.
I got that happy.
H*ll, I cry now, writing about it!

"Love is the answer, you know that for sure".

Talking about love:

This is da shit!
But I am getting ahead of myself....

And then there's a fairy tale...

There was a wedding. You see there was a couple that met in the middle of chaos and horror. Despite all the anguish, suffering and terror these two people saw love, found hope and security and decided to arm themselves with love and nothing else.
They got into the crazily huge fight of trying to build on devastation all around. They both had become parents in family situations that were destructive. They were both totally spent, as far as strength go aswell as as far as finance go.
They had both gotten into lives one couldn't possibly imagine possible, with a lot of hurt and fear.

I think seeing each other immediately meant seeing a soul mate, someone who knew.
They both knew and so they fell in love and moved in together within three weeks!
People around them were hesitant, thinking it wouldn't last.
The huge fight they fought continued for another nine years and it was daily, it was always overwhelming.

That's why I think - looking back - it's even more amazing that the couple decided to arrange a wedding in all of that. Showing it's them. Forever!
So, they did. And it is.

The couple celebrated 11 years of marriage.
A totally different life but the same love. No fear left, no struggle any longer and a big exhale has taken place since 00-11-11.

Is a celebration in order? I ask you. Ohhh, yes!!!
Am I a witnessed expert at celebrations? Indeed I am. 
Here I offer you our 11-11-11-11-celebration of love:

As if some heavenly force, of some kind sort, kept an eye on this day the day started almost miraculously with the most cheerful taxi driver ever in the history of the planet, picking us up. I swear, he laughed as if he was about to cry from laughter, all the way to the train. He was totally happy and in a great mood! We were smitten and influenced and in awe..!

I haven't had the pleasure many times yet but this day we had five hours together here.

The grand city showed a happy face too, all to make us feel good!

Let's face it: we're impromptu folks! We knew we were gonna renew our wedding vows at 11:11 AM but we just didn't know where we should do it. This round tower looked like a good option.

Looks like the building will stand for rain and shine and be a place for us to revisit over the upcoming years. That's a good thing for a special place!


This left us some time to walk hand in hand and enjoy being just the two of us, which only ever happens in the car, going to work (which, for the record, I LOVE doing every day - it's the gem of the day).

Some sunshine in the morning and then quite cold and a little grey and finally some more sun, was offered this day. It was a really cold, kind of first winter day, actually. Like it was 11 years ago, too. Exactly the same kind of weather, come to think of it.

If you haven't been to Copenhagen (or any Scandi country for that matter) I strongly recommend Copenhagen! People are nice, it's relaxed and food and wine and beer is everywhere!!

Flowers are everywhere too - gorgeous flowers and not at all as pricey as in my country.

Beautiful fountain at the big shopping street called "Ströget".

To think that those two are still together, still having a whole lot of fun and dreaming the same dreams...

Fools in love!

Marcus enjoys the day.

Last breath of fall. 

The beauty of Copenhagen.

Cheerful too. Almost taxi driver-cheerful..!

I'm the luckiest woman in the world!

At around 11:09. We've walked all the way up in the round tower.

In spite of my recent experience at the 48:th floor in NY, this height and almost storm, I got two pics of the view and then I was done in that department.

Which was a good thing, 'cuz now it was 11:11 AM...

We renewed our vows and sealed it with a kiss!

"The kissing bench" inside the tower.

Hubs looked very hopeful!

You see: a day of love, just like our wedding day! But different.

A beautiful tower.

Impromptu works!

Here we are in front of our tower on our 11:th wedding anniversary!!

So, the crazy couple in love moved south a year and a half ago and hence moved away from any kind of help with babysitting. What can you do? Celebrate by having a three course lunch while The Boy is at school! Said and done.
Impromptu being the guideline I wanted - like really really really wanted - to find a perfect little italian romantic restaurant with the right atmosphere.
Walking and searching for some time I felt hope for that sliding away until this showed, all of a sudden:

Good forces with us again!

Exactly what I was looking for.

Even the menu had promise.

Spending some quality time with this fantastic man, who's smart, funny and loving.

He cares so much for me that he would do anything. It feels so good being so loved.

I love too.

Course one: bruschetta! To die for.

Course two: Pasta Carbonara, true Copenhagen style.

Third course: fresh fruit and three kinds of sorbets. Great!


Then it was almost time to head back home.

A beautiful city that we will bring The Boy (and The Big Boy) to soon - it's a great city!

Hubs got a work call at the train, going back. 
He told his colleague that he couldn't read the paper the colleague wanted, 
'cuz he was celebrating his anniversary and joked about if the colleague insisted, or not?

Content, on the train going home.

Beautiful train ride home.

This ship has been like this for months.

Home to a full moon, a gorgeous Friday.

The Boy got some gifts. He was happy.

So, back to those two points!
What is it that is the twist, the key when it comes to those two men? I think that had my son not been born, had I maybe not been alive today. I certainly wouldn't have had as many opportunities to laugh liberatingly, had he not been there.
I think that if my husband hadn't come along, hadn't I had the lap to cry in, the shoulder to lean on and a person to gather strength from.
My husband is my cheerer-on, every day, and my steadily partner.
My son is a huge reason to live and love for me and, for example, when I was about to have a C-section and was as nervous as can be, his eyes where what I thought of! His happily smiling eyes and that gave me the push to just say:
-Let's get this show on the road!

I guess that sums it up: my husband, my big son and my small son are the ones that make me rise and shine and say "Let's get this show on the road" every day. 
And that's not a small thing in life.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! What a most perfect day, thanks for sharing Copenhagen with me! It's so nice to hear you are so happy after a previously tough time. I too was stuck in a loveless marriage with someone quite awful, not in a physical way, emotionally abusive. It seems like an eternity ago, I am so happy & lucky now to have my soul twin as we call each other. And you have two sons who love you! Hope the rest of your week was just as good!

  2. Thank you Hazel for your sincere and profound comment. I hear you and I know what you talk about,
    I'm so glad you found your twin :-) <3