Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drums please...!

Yeah, "Drums please", that's how I started my Saturday today!
It felt awesome and I was so invigorated after a fab Friday, so the jogging lap felt like flying to the sweet sacred tunes of Will Smith and "Summertime".
You should have seen me and the dog... or maybe not ;-)

And that's the thing with Will Smith, as far as I'm concerned, if I'm up he gives me the extra tweaking and if I'm tired or uninspired, he drags me out of it and I feel down right invincible!!!
Thank you Will Smith, you are the man!

Believe it or not but he's still standing! To The Boy's delight.

Serious fall has started to show.

It has its charms.

I enjoyed lunch on my own one day and with hubs one day 
- paradise in a regular day!

Obnoxiously perky!
Other things make me obnoxiously perky this blessed day. Things like a magical Friday that was beyond words and still has my heart in a warm and glowing state.
And a good week lies behind me too, even as work is concerned. I've had the fortune of spending some time with people that really fill me up with positive drives. How needed was that, I ask you?!

Some people I get to meet externally, at work, are starting to become my precious friends and that is essential and it feels so good after a hard year.

Who'd have thought it would feel like pure luxury picking Te Boy up in darkness, 
late, with leaves all around. But it is. It's something to look forward to every day.

Outside my work, waiting on hubby.

Sweet foam baths...

Those Saturday breakfasts!

Movie theatre.

Welcome, new day!

Sturdy floorball practice going on every Sunday.

Still busy with this...

All those splendid evenings that really are "to die for".

Instagram-Saturday instead of IG-Friday. It had to be that way. Being all sociable during the work week equals little time for blogging. Please bear with me!

Ghost boy.

Out meeting some friends, after work, feels good.

Sweet heaven!

Yay, still gorgeous and showing!!

Snuck away for breakfast with the hubs, one morning...

Cosy it was, sitting among a big bunch of cab drivers!

Seeing my new friends in a "Ladies' Club" that meets once a month!

City evening, going home after being real among good ladies.

Which brings me to The Friday. Yesterday was a special day. You can look forward to a story and some photos, come Monday...

.... until then I'll just keep you guessing!

Have a splendid weekend! Yes, it's here again. 

The sun is shining on me as I write this, The Boy plays beside me and will soon be off to a birthday party. Hubs and I will keep up the paint job in an hour.
It's all good though!

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