Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delayed Monday post

It's crazy - time rushes completely!!
Like always, being away for the weekend crushes every plan to make any kinds of posts at all....

Here goes some instagrams, so you know I'm still alive (and kickin'!):

Ordinary cosiness.

Ordinary around-the-clock-work...

Gorgeous sunshine that we've really been blessed with!

Happy me! (and a cutie pie in the background)

Playing with my boy after school/work.

At work I got to enjoy lunch out, by myself, no less than two times :-)

The perk? Working while eating ...

Reminding me of New York. Looking all good!

Yeah, there was some rain too.

And some absolutely gorgeous mist, slowly coming in from the ocean...

Looking beautiful and...

.... mysterious.

Now, you know I love a good mag in a foam bath!

And some coffee on the way to work.

Rare, weird and funny sight!!
Anyone lacking a house?

Came Saturday, came a trip to our old hometown.

I was ready. For sure.

We got to see the big bro twice! First a coffee date at IKEA.

(where Christmas was all around)

Staying with friends, for dinner, great times and a sleep over!

The gracious host made us his specialty.

And the hostess poured wine!

Breakfast the next day. Talk about being spoilt!

Their gorgeous dog is really cute. Funkie fell totally in love!

Rain, going to The Big Son.

And this is where everything is perfect, nothing's missing and I'm at peace with the world.
With my boys.

I love them.

Happy times!

We also stopped by my brother.

A weekend of love. Right in the middle of Halloween.

Going home felt too soon and the weekend too short!

Already it's Tuesday - I can't believe it! The days fly by. 
I hope you had a great weekend and that the week will be filled with fine and good things.
See you soon again, with some real photos!!

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