Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday rocks!

Yeah, Friday's here and this Friday rocks! A whole weekend off lays before me, I have the day off and I'm still in bed, writing this. That may very well be due to a headache but it's not a permanent state - I'll get out of bed and I'll kiss the day!
Until that occurs I'll just say that being in bed, watching all sorts of different types of quality TV-shows, thinking, having coffee and reflecting is what I get the most out of, as far recuperating goes.
I enjoy it immensely.

A road right into the heart of the Friday and weekend. Can't wait to make the tiny journey!

Our old hometown is a bit north (still south of our country) and fall had been there a little longer, which showed.

Our dear dog fell utterly in love, so he had a genuine love-weekend....


Traffic. I saw a lot of it in the "big" city cruising.

A rhythm and feeling of its own.

I've always been a city girl, so I always prefer a good city to a beach, come vacation time. And since balance is key in my life, I also prefer the country side and small town for my home.

Since I have the Friday off it was TGIT for d*mn sure last night! I had good wine with good snacks, I watched favorite TV-shows (huh, TV again - some kind of record!) and talked to the husband.
So, no one could pin on me that I don't know how to celebrate! In fact, if there's something I do know how to master it's that: celebration!
Being 40 I also find that how I feel about me and my life is way more important than how I look, so I enjoy enjoying more these days.
Having said that I must admit I love clothes, hair, make-up and glamour as much as the next girl but I won't starve for it any longer.

Feels great!!

That brotherly love!

Busy carpe diem:ing, playing video games.

The dog was literally exhausted, after the looooove weekend...

My boys. Sometimes I can't believe I have two sons!

We set the timer. Huge success...?!?

Some more favorite love.

Enthusiastic love.

Mutual love.

I'm so alive when I'm with them. Their laughter, their intensity and the way we're all alike, it's just right.

Kinnect time!

Me and my offspring in the background.

I so wanted to get a mother-and-sons pic!

... well, and a mother-and-sons-and-dog pic!
Good thing we finally tamed the timer.

My first born's apartment also has a grand view. He moves out today, actually, and I can't wait to see the new place!

And then, it's inevitable, it's time to go back home.

The journey back is always a little longer and little less energized.

Home is where the heart is. I'm the kind who carry my home in my heart rather than in a place.

I've definitely made an inner journey of some magnitude since I left for a new life in the south. I've met me rather harshly and I've seen new sides of me and most of all, I've started to really like me. I think I'm quite OK and I think I can really stand for what I believe and I'm convinced that when I'm right, I'm right. Bottom line.
There's still more work to be done, more joys to be lived in terms of making that inner journey.

Friday, eh?
Have a spectacular weekend!


  1. I love your photos, in particular the ones from the car. Its a strange feeling watching the world go by from a car. How great are family weekends? You remember that you are part of something bigger and more amazing that yourself when you are alone, and it energises you! Another great post!! And, I hope you get to try macaroons one day!

  2. So glad that you got to visit your eldest son again... i th
    ink you were sick last time.
    I loved that photo of you... your sons and little dog. A charming photo!
    A lovely trip.