Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What it's all about!

Gosh, I'm tired. I guess it's hard being on top, eh?!!
I had a hard time containing myself from loading the photos from our glorious weekend, since I was dying to see the photos of me and my sons together.
Since the hubster has been away every evening so far, I had grand help in that department and could only upload today.

I must say: family is da shit!
For real.
And it stays real for ever and into eternity.

The Boy made apple sauce in school and wrote the label by himself!

I took a pancake with it and it tasted perfect. It really did.

Happy and proud boy at dinner.

Fills my heart with love! What else is there in life but gorgeous evenings?!

Did anyone mention it was about that time?

My boy loves making stuff by himself.

Scary times...

And fall keeps being calm, soft and kind to us, bringing nice temperatures and calmness.

It was time for yet another road trip!
We took off for our old hometown, where we had planned for great and heartwarming times.
To see my big son, to see our dear friends who we always miss and long for.
Good stuff like that, so you bet we were all excited to be on our way!

Jumped into the car!

Beautiful journey.

To me the trip is a tad bit on the boring side.... I gotta take some pics.
Like, all the time... 

Busy trying for a good angle.

Close ups.

I like them wrinkles! I worked hard at them...

Yes, it shines through here - I am H.A.P.P.Y!

But if you mess with this chick, I'll bet she can look something like this ;-)

Driving across the high hill, we left mist and found sunshine!

Stopping for some lunch for The Boy.

Coffe, cinnamon bun and sweets for us!

Arriving in the old hometown.

A brief visit here is something I always like and always have liked.

I was on the hunt for a window lamp and....

(and we're WAITING........)

For the bro!

Heaven can wait.

So, it turned out to be a scary day for this gorgeous young woman.
My son had forgotten we were gonna meet up, so he was with her when I called and of course brought her. He told me she was nervous as h*ll... But I liked her!

Enjoying IKEA, like we did one time before too.

The dog waited in the car and happened to fall asleep. He missed out on some good old barking...

If this will turn out to be my daughter-in-law, I guess only time will tell. My son sure did make a good choice, I tell 'ya!

Fantastic times :-)

You know what? 20 years ago, I wondered how it would feel to meet my son's girlfriend. 

I had a first try when he was about 15 years old and dated a truly sweet and precious girl. Then five years passed and I got a second chance to see for myself.
If I, at the age of 20, thought I wouldn't be able to stand not being the brightest star in my cute boy's life, I now know different. I always will be!
My boys adore me and love me and nothing will change that. It is in no way in comparison with anything else.
In later years I started worrying that maybe I wouldn't be able to see my son alone - just the two of us - any longer when he gets serious with a young lady but that doesn't scare me one tiny bit either.
My son is as strong minded as I am and we'll always have our great relationship!

No, it actually felt really good to meet another woman who thinks my son is the best. He is, you know!!
That is what it's all about.

My weekend was marvelous, as you see.
I hope your was too!
Tomorrow I'll be busy charging for a Friday off, I kid you not!

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