Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacational hours

Time is a funny and weird thing, if not a mystery.
While an hour can feel like an eternity if it is a dull meeting or a dentist appointment, time often seems to pass way too quickly.
On the other hand, even the shortest little while can mean a world of difference, spent in the right way.

I'm big on vacational hours: hours that serve as micro vacations and changes the atmosphere of the day or the week.

Those sunrises!

Whenever I think they can't get any more beautiful - they do.

Even if it's only for some seconds, these moments sure do make you react and they whip you into presence.

My kind of vacation times:
 - Going to Copenhagen for five hours was a definite type of mini vacation and I needn't state that I liked it.
 - Having lunch with a friend or with my husband is a wonderful micro vacation.
 - Having a cup of coffee and surfing to a favorite blog is a perfect micro break that can change a day.
 - Wine in the sofa, with a good movie and perhaps even some chips, is a grand micro vacation.
 - A fruit smoothie and a new magazine on the train ride home is a micro vacation of my chioce.

Time is what you make it.

Beauty allows your mind to fly away, even if it's just for a second.
Sometimes a second is all you need.

So, yes, a fruit could be a piece of paradise.

Browsing in a store could be too...

... if there's not a husband next to you unwilling to shop..!!
(then you better wait)

Our hours in Copenhagen were just enough for us to long to go back. Soon!

This small part of the city will always be special to us. Isn't it funny how that works?
Nothing special one day and so very special and important the next.

"Carpe iPhone" is something my husband is particularly good at, hence he never seems to be totally present here and now, in my opinion. Personally I left that kind of being "tuned in" some time ago.

These days I'm a lot more tuned in when it comes to seeing the world and feeling the emotions.

I'm convinced that life is meant to be lived, no time for negatives and don't sweat the small stuff...
That's what makes me tick, anyway!

Time to stop, look, see and capture. No matter what people may think.

And really s. e. e. the things that you yourself appreciate. Like a piece of New York in Denmark.

... and in the middle of the busy city of Copenhagen, there is a terrace up high!!

And among billions of people, loads of voices and souls - these two met. They actually met!

Lots of places to see in Copenhagen.

This spot could absolutely be in Tribeca, New York.

So french, so literate, so bohemic.

Copenhagen for ya!

Yay, I finally got to taste Macarones!! 
All good comes to those who wait.

This is not a candy store, even though it looks like it.

It's a lego store.

This pic is a little funny!

"Selv takk"!

If there's a heaven and it goes something like this.... then it must be aaaaallllll good!

Regardless of what your carpe of choice is (iPhone, iPad, magazine, blogging, photographing...) do it!
It's your life.

Reading my own blog I realize that no matter how small, unfinished and unglamorous our home is - I LOVE it! I can't wait to go home and I can't wait to sit on that couch, with that boy, enjoying the evening so totally. That is a very good kind of vacation, to me.
Can't wait to get me home!

Have a terrific, fall-like or maybe now even winter-like Wednesday!
See you Friday and please do tell what your carpe of chioce is!

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