Monday, November 21, 2011

A fab moment in time

It's Friday evening. We're just back from Marcus' grandfather's funeral. My husband talks to a friend on "Hey tell" to much delight for all, the boy eats popcorn, the dog begs and I.... I savor.
I enjoy and celebrate inside, since this day has everything I need: love and joy and a sense of treasuring what's now and what's real.

Funerals do this to me, to most of us, it brings out the contrasts between life and death, now and then.

A difference for me personally is that I usually think that I gotta be better at capturing the day but this time I thought that it's a good thing I do that - capture the day, the week and the month.
I've achieved this and I thank the camera and the blog for it!
I think it's a very good thing that I, at the age of forty, have come to a place in life where I do treasure every day. I think that is the meaning of life: being present and living for each moment.

Macarones look better than they taste, I think. Nice trying them though.

Ordinary day, kind of goings-on.

Birthday party-attire!

It's gonna be a great day!
There's a TV-ad that I absolutely love! I don't know whether the ads are the same all over the globe? Maybe you've seen it many times and maybe not but this ad is what ought to kick-start my every day, it makes me that cheerful and high on life just seeing it. 
As amazing as that is, for an ad to master. 

You may not believe it but they're still offering gorgeous sights.

They play so nicely with the sun.

Gentle and beautiful.

Those walls, that paint...
Painting walls. Now there's a way to carpe the weekend!
This was our third weekend of painting and now I finally got to lay my hands on the bedroom walls!
Apart from the less pleasant fact that my neck hurts horribly after the paint jobs, it's meditative almost and offers plenty of opportunities to think, talk and enjoy music.


I like the togetherness part the most. And The Boy loves it too, he always goes extra bananas when we renovate the house.

If you run out of cover-plastic, you best make your own colorful cover. Hubs did, anyway!

One might think it's spring time.

November, I'm in love.

So very in love.

See the little thing in this pic? 
That green leaf is hanging on for dear life!

Walking home from a birthday party. Lot's of those going on these days.

Takes my breath away...

Takes my breath away too.

Wherever you turn your eye, there's beauty there. 
I see my boy, my dog and nature around me and there is never a moment when I don't appreciate the beauty of it all. 
Allowing me to be open to it and just using the second or seconds to see it, notice it and recognize the beauty - that's it really. 

It's not hard, it just takes awareness.

I keep trying for a good shot of the full moon. 
My bad ;-)

The Boy watches web-TV in his cosy little room.

He's just the cutest when he sits there, enjoying the evening.

And this one enjoys being close to his mama!

And for the sake of beauty, and in the honor of it:

I give you: sunrise.

What say you?

And so we see the birth of a brand new week. My weekend was short - one day - and consisted of painting, all day. 
I'm getting ready for a great week, in that "it's gonna be a great day"-spirit!

I wish you a great one, too.

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