Thursday, November 24, 2011


I once had a "dreamblog", where I used to count down to the big dream of having a house of our own. I would also dream of having a dog, another son and a carefree life.
I actually dreamt of working as a library manager too, so you see why it did strike me as striking (!) today when I came to remember this dreamblog of mine.

It is nothing other than fantastic that one can dream big, one year, and then another year all the dreams have come true - and you didn't even think about it!

(yeah making that very house beautiful is also in the cards, dream wise and thankful wise)

Painting still going on! I'm now done even with the bedroom. 
Now hubs is in the middle of the stair case.

We celebrated Father's Day last Sunday. With small simple things.

A gift and a tiny fall bouquet.

Sitting down by the kitchen table together. 
The Boy had a chance to show us some of his favorite episodes on kids TV.

Simple dreamin'?
Nowadays I have simple dreams. If I then dreamt of peace and quiet, a house that's mine and another child, I now dream of evenings with candles. I dream of a really good home cooked  meal, come Sunday and a foam bath, come Friday evening. Things like that.

On another note I also dream of these things:

-Going to Miami again
-Going to New York again
-Going to California
-Going to Paris
-Going to Italy
-Trying a water scooter
-Trying a snow scooter, for that matter
-Going speed boating (yeah, I said I'd do it this summer but I didn't)
-Celebrating Thanksgiving

Lit candles to long home for.

An existence to love.

This crazy little dog keeps his carpe diem cherished: by shutting his blanket as often as he can.
You go dog!

Good "fall-goes-winter" times.

The ill boy
The Boy has been ill the last days. He has had a very high temperature and really been burning up.
Today is day three for him, lying on the couch alternating to the bed and he has high hopes being back in business tomorrow, because tomorrow his friend is supposed to come with us home after school.

Horrible as it is having a boy that's burning up with fever, it's very cute to hear his first sentence of the day, this morning:
-Today I'll have a popsicle for "fika" (the coffee break)!
If nothing else, it tells me well times are in the loop for him, soon!

I just can't believe these lovelies are still in bloom. It's winter, sweetheart - take a well deserved nap!

Fuzzy pic of a gorgeous flower, still in bloom. Yep, the Blackberries.

So, of all those dreams I dream big, there's one I can make come true right away: the Thanksgiving celebration! Why not? Good tasty food, sitting down talking about what we're thankful for. I can't wait!

I am thankful, for much the same things that I dream about:

-My family
-My friends
-The fact that I'm slowly making new wonderful friends here in the south
-My cosy home
-My dog
-The evenings in our home, that are some kind of wonderful
-The car rides to work, with hubby, where we sometimes have coffee, sometimes talk and sometimes do both!!
-The walk from The Boy's school, after picking him up, when I feel the free time lying ahead of me the rest of the afternoon/evening
-Blogs, mine and those few I follow. I love seeing other parts of the world, other people's minds and get to follow them. It's a magical wonderful treat
-Instagram - that allows my soul to have candy from all over the world every day

I'm thankful I have a boy who can play air flute to me.

Not to mention air guitar!

Sometimes That Very Boy is not thankful he has a mom with a camera glued to her face...

Always thankful for beauty:

One sunrise, offered recently.

Another one.

It's Thursday instead of Wednesday today. My boy has been very ill, so there was no problem with priorities. It looks like he may get better now, please keep your fingers crossed!

Have a great Thursday, folks!
It's going to be a special weekend in many ways.

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