Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So this is Wednesday, and what have you done..?!

I admit it, I'm sneaking away. Away for just a minute. From the painting that's seriously going on.

Writing this it's Sunday and I had enough of "we'll do it next week" (words coming out of my husband's mouth) so I just upped and started doing.
And guess what? Hubs got inspired too...

Saturday breakfasts are sacred in our home. We treasure them and they're very special.

I'm ever awing and loving - seeing The Boy is aaaallllll good!

Being together is wonderful when there's no deadline or anything else to rush to.

Movie time!
This Saturday we did have a deadline however: we had purchased tickets to the movie theatre to go see Tintin! 
Tintin is my life long fascination, aswell as my husbands, and I've learned so much via Tintin's adventures. I used to read all the adventures many times as a child and I used to listen to them on the vinyl-stereo. I've loved Tintin as long as I can remember and I was excited to see what Spielberg had captured!

Movie time!

I'm starting to master my new hair straightener... practice makes perfect!

That sun again! I know "I done already said it" but here goes again: isn't it breathtaking?

We went for a first visit to XXX Lutz - a new german furniture store.

This sign is big enough for it to be american but it isn't!!!

Initially The Boy appreciated that store but after a while he had had enough...

Their restaurant had waiters and waited on the tables - good stuff!

I dream of a real walk-in closet (fat chance!) and took a look at mirrors.

Yay, our pumpkin is still going strong!

Hergé was a genius, there can be no doubt about that. Spielberg is also a genius, as is Jackson so the combo is OK and more than OK, I really liked the movie. I think I prefer our old DVDs with the original Tintin-cartoon but I will absolutely buy this DVD too.
The Boy loved all the action and so it was a happy family driving back home afterwards.

"Home afterwards" means home to nothing but cosiness.

The Boy plays Wii!

A lovely November evening.

Now, I take a risk of being repetitive but I'll chance it: the sky is gorgeous this time of year, here. Sunsets are my favorite and beautiful but, as you've seen here many times, the sunrises aren't half bad. At all.

The photo doesn't do it justice - live it was superb and looked utterly magical, like behind a veil.

See the reflection in the garage roof?

Just one more:

So, the weekend passed just like the evenings of this week does: in calm pace (well, everything is a matter of definition, for sure), happily lurking about among the Halloween stuff that's still there. 
We light candles all the time, we light our little fireplace and we make sure to snuggle to the max.


At least one more layer awaits and then: sweet satisfaction!

Painting s*cks. It just does. Taping is a horror and waiting and re-doing and what not....
The satisfaction when the stair case walls and the upper hallway is finished will be grand and all worth it. Already now, after the first layer, there's a whole new mood up there and a harmony beyond words.
Before I got started a wallpaper from the eighties decorated the walls and it was peach colored...

It is only after the staircase walls and upper hallway is done, that I allow myself to get busy in the bedroom. This is vowed with myself and I keep vows. I can't wait to get my hands on the bedroom walls, so it's a good carrot to have waiting.

Hello Wednesday!
Half the week is almost done - I hope you got lots and lots done.


  1. Oh yeah !!! I cant wait to see TINTIN... looks a fun movie, Im sure my son will love it too.
    I liked the actor Jamie Bell in Billy Elliot.
    Good Luck with the renovations... hope they are finished soon, dust everywhere? ;-/
    have a lovely friday. End of the week right?
    Jennie. x

  2. Dust everywhere - spot on!
    Did you get to see Tintin yet?