Friday, November 12, 2010

The celebration

Even though we had to change our plans, the day turned out very well indeed!
We had a good day that served as prolonged ten-year-annivesary-celebration and in a minute we'll just land on the couch with some wine and relax and enjoy each other's company!

Hubby prepared dinner, flowers
and champagne!

He even put the ethanol lantern to use.
Can you see the glasses of wine in front?

Day two: breakfast at the "Bookcafé".

Fun diplays!

Looks almost exactly like a display in TriBeCa <3

Hubby is thrilled and loves this place.

Very nice interior.

A grand breakfast!

It was stormy and rainy but we persevered and took 
a short walk close to nature... 

For a secret blog, this is very un-secret. Hubby and I, 
married ten years as of yesterday.

Coffee and cake here, at "Olof Viktor's".

Tasted very well!

Another beautiful and very nice place
in our wonderful part of the world.

Time passes so very rapidly.

Going home, admiring nature on the way.

We had a good celebration and got to be together, eat and laugh. We very rarely have time just the two of us, so this was unique. A celebration to remeber!

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