Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living room

Our living room is where we really live and socialize!
The trend in Europe, at least in Scandinavia where I live, is that it's the kitchen that ought to be the it-room whe3re it all takes place. Not in our family however: we watch TV, have coffee, play games, listen to music and just sit and talk in the living room. We love living rooms!

My husband has been renovating our living room since we bought this house, may 1:st 2010.
This week he finally finished it and the walls are now light blue! I can't believe it took us six months!! We haven't been able to work on it as often as we would have wanted and we don't have much spare time, so it's due to different things.
Now it's finished and now.... we have to nuy that table, that chair and those shelves..! We nearly forgot!
I will absolutely show you photos of our Hamptons influende living room, when it's "finished". Until then, some pitures of nice looking coastal living rooms:


I'll visit IKEA for these:

It'll be fun shopping for these things and some details aswell.
In december we'll take a trip to our closest big city (I guess that'll be "our New York" then if our town is "our The Hamptons"?!): Copenhagen and there I think I'll find beautiful things for our living room.

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