Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today we celebrate 10 years as wife & husband!

The years certainly do pass by quickly!
Today we celebrate and tomorrow we celebrate too. Since we're new in town we have no babysitter, hence we bring very nice food, from a good restaurant, home with us to celebrate in our house.
Tomorrow we will delay the work day and use the morning to really enjoy each other's company at the best spa in town!
These are my own photos of where we'll enjoy ourselves and each other:

Last year we happened to be here in november aswell.
By chance! We didn't live here then.
We enjoyed the restaurant a lot.

And the lounge with a lovely fireplace.

An other part of the restaurant. Very "New England"!

The beach is right outside. Our closest beach.

Beautiful in november aswell. Not as crowded though.


I suppose we'll take a wonderful walk again, here!

Now this is quality of life: living here.

I really do think it looks like The Hamptons a lot!

And the spa and restaurant's own photos, from their web site :
We sure will enjoy celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary here. In fact I can't wait!
I'll bring the camera and get some brand new pics of the place, for you. This is our favourite place to be.

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