Friday, November 12, 2010

Change of plans...

Well, last night was our tenth wedding anniversary - no changing that. Hubby made a very tasty dinner that we enjoyed after work.
However, and isn't it typical, I got a urinary infection just in time for our spa day today... I had to rebook it and now we'll enjoy it all on december third instead.
So this half day we have today will be filled with what?
I'll tell you: I have a husband who is not the romantic sort (not at all as I picture all american husbands being romantic and making all kinds of exciting plans for their wives) and he needs help! First I though that hubby will make some plans - especially since we usually have a debate about his un-romanticness every darn wedding anniversary - but no.
My husband says:
-We'll both work from home tomorrow then?


Now he understands that maybe he should make som plans and surprise me with..!
He's busy at this very minute, doing that.

Hubby did put the ethanol lantern in place yesterday evening and that was cosy!

I'll be back with a report and photos, from today, later.

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