Saturday, November 6, 2010

A quick photo round...

Well, being ill and taking care of a five year old who's ill, at the same time, gets a little boring at certain points.
I managed to sneak around the living room and garden to get some shots! Since hubby finished the walls in the living room just a couple of days ago, it's fun to get som new photos.

This light blue, soft blanket from Ralph Lauren is a little gem I brought with me from New York. I love it and my five year old loves it since it is the opposite of our other blanket: it is soft...

The Lexington pillow adds a little of that US feeling to the living room and the striped Artwood pillow completes the sofa look, I think.

This is where we are when we're home ill, as we are now :-) It's a good couch for just hanging around.

Some work of art behind these leather chairs and Josef Frank pillow makes the New England theme get a scandinavian feel to it. Or just a personal feel maybe?!

The window with all the lanterns. I simply love lanterns, as anyone entering here might notice right away!!

The family dog wants to get in the middle of all this photographing. Sure, he can lighten any picture up :-)

Another window display.
I want our living room to be both vibrant with bright colours and calm and soothing.
Quite the challenge but managable, I should think.

Outside moss had blown on top of the table: a sure sign it's time to close down for business for the season.
We've had many lovely meals out here and will have many as soon as winter comes and goes!

A leaf tells of autumn out in the garden, on the terrace. The colouring of this is so nice, I think.

The grapes still hang in there! We should make some ice wine, really, but we can't find the time...

A nice autumn sky today. If we had been well it would have been a glorious day for an outing to the beach with the camera, and a picnic basket, but it will have to wait.

This little darling we purchased and planted. How surprised we were to see it in bloom - in november! Nice to see you, little fellow.

Few things are better than having a garden. We moved from a house with a big garden that was a forest and needed a lot of work done in order to be enjoyable.
When we bought this house we were extra pleased that it has a small garden, since we don't have a lot of time at this point of our lives.
The garden that we do have, we love!


  1. What beautiful pictures of your living room. It looks cozy and inviting. I am so sorry your son has been sick. That is the worst, isn't it? I especially love your lanterns. Too pretty!

  2. Thank you for your kind words!
    Yes, lanterna are great especially in the fall and winter :-)
    No, it's sad when the kids are ill...
    I'll stop by you now!

  3. I am loving the living room! Looks very welcoming and cozy :) The art wall looks great and is a nice hit of colour. thanks for visiting my blog and I will be back to visit yours!

  4. Romana: thank you, that makes me so happy! I like the way the room is coming together - and when you wait quite a while, you enjoy it that much more!!