Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The other day I went on a "photo spree" and the goal was to get some smashing pics of the cutest sheep, just outside our town.
I see them every day, from the train window, going to work!

I can't think of and animal that is better at "carpe diem" than these adorable sheep. They graze, look, says their cute "bäääääääääh" and walks around. I'd like to just cuddle them and be right in there with them!!

Nature sure is the best artist. What an afternoon sky! I was just amazed seeing it through the lense.

All these pictures truly captures the area around here. This is what it looks like, in november. Beautiful and now: very cold. I'm in love with this place and this part of the world. It's calm in winter, spring and autumn and very busy with tourists during summertime.

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