Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Christmas must-haves

OK, I all of a sudden got inte the Christmas feeling this week.
We're on a tight budget this year so I'll shop-dream in a light way!
I long for this:

Lexington winter collection.
Unknown source. Looks very cosy though.
We don't have a fireplace.
We do have an ethanol fire lantern that is yet to be put into place.
Photo from Country Living.
This kind of Christmas feeling I love.
This table cloth is on my light wish list!
Maybe I'll go for this one also?


  1. Hejsan! Vilka mysiga julbilder du bjuder på! Ja en öppen spis eller kakelugn hade inte varit helt fel!;) Jag läängtar verkligen efter julen, årets myshöjdpunkt!:)

    Kraam Izabell

  2. Our budget is almost non-existent this year, but I am entirely sure that the holiday won't lose any of its luster as a result. Love your fun pics here!

  3. mysbella: ja, julen är en underbar myshögtid. Det ska bli ljuvligt!

    Flower Patch Farmgirl: non-existent, huh? Of course you'll have luster anyway. The best thin is lit candles, cosuíness, love and happy kids :-D
    Thanks for you kind words!