Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter around the corner?

Being at home, finally getting the walls (in two of all rooms that need working) in order put me in a Christmas spirit. We'll have our first Christmas in this home and I'm looking forward to it a lot! I will thoroughly enjoy the holidays, especially since this is the first year my first born lives by him self and not with me. He also lives a long way away, so I always miss him. I will love spending the holidays with him extra much!

Last winter we had so much snow we could barely walk in it but now we live in the south of the country, so now we'll have to see about that...
In the meantime I'll give you some winter sights from last year:

Our old home, that we left this passed summer.
We sure got some real winters there and we loved it!

A garden sight from last winter. Beautiful.
Hubby and I for a winter walk.

The fire basket did a great job!

We BBQ:ed apples :-)
When we went looking for the new house it was winter
and such a winter that even the south got snow!
This is a picture of our cute little coastal town, in a cover of snow.
The centre of this little adorable town.
This is the old city hall.
We hope to see some snow here this year too!

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