Thursday, November 18, 2010

Closer and closer

By experience I know Christmas countdown is usually pretty quick.
I'm glad I've managed to bake gingerbread twice, so that is over and done with. Christmas candy and a gingerbread house is next in line, as far as baking goes.
It's a little funny: I almost never bake normally but around Christmas time I do it a lot and I love it too!

The stores here in our town are charging for the holidays, I noticed the other day. I even bought a cute little Santa's helper...

The coastal theme is forever in season of course...

A favourite shop.

Loading up with x-mas goodies!

Glögg is waht we drink during Christmas. It's almost
like glühwine but not exactly. It's very good and warm.
Beside it, here, you see x-mas marmelade!

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