Saturday, November 13, 2010

A favourite thing

... is walking the dog in our little cosy neighbourhood. Especially when it's getting dark and all cute lanterns are lit and lamps too, in the gardens.
Soon Christmas lights will be on also!

Today was another glorious day with coffee and apple pie at our favourite place and then some candy shopping with the son. Afterwards we got back home to enjoy the day with what everyone likes the best: the boy watched a Scooby Doo movie and played while watching, I enjoyed a interior decorating magazine and hubby was looking into some ideas in the kitchen, by the computer.
Calm and cosy.

Yesterday evening we baked gingerbread cookies - what a special feeling and how happy the boy was! Wow! A really good day.
A good weekend for us all.
Tomorrow means work for me but today it's still saturday...

The gingerbread dough, bought at a good bakery!

The boy is busy...

Making the figures!

You got to press hard!

Mommy giving instructions.

They're ready to go into the oven.


A proud baker!!

Chilling on the sofa, is great.

Now the rest of the evening starts..!

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