Thursday, November 4, 2010

Evening comes....

The evening in my town can be like this:
if you sit at the terrace of our favourite restaurant and enjoy!
if you sit in our garden, with good friends!

In New York an evening can look like this:
Times Square is a favourite place and you can actually feel life here.

When you leave the movie theatre in Rockefeller, together
with you beloved son, it looks like this!
In my point of view prople who live in New York AND The Hamptons must have it all: life and action in NY and the ocean and beautiful nature in The Hamptons?!
I myself know that I need both things: the calm and cosiness of my coastal town where the caf├ęs and restaurants are cute and intimate and friendly and then the action and the liveliness of a big city (and when it comes to big cities I love New York, Miami and London).
Since we recently moved to this part of our country I now have my ocean haven at home and experience a new big city: Copenhagen!
I'll take you with me in both places.

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