Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hubby has been busy and the first steps of these rooms are finally done: the walls.
In the living room there are still a few things to buy, as I mentioned earlier, such as a table, a chair and shelves.
In the kitchen we are going to change the cabinet doors and the bench. For  now, though, we're fairly pleased!
We've been longing for the wall paper quite some time.

The son is better now and I hope he stays that way. I myself feel the cold, still, but apart from that the evening is calm and very nice and cosy in our little coastal house.
The dog sleeps by my feet, the son is figuring a jigsaw puzzle out, husband is reading and I'm in here - in the Secret Rooms - feeling good about the sunday.

Kitchen photos:

A view of the living room:

The dog:

The husband brought me these, on friday:

The son plays with these:

And in the middle of all this, here I am. It's the middle of my life. Moods, weathers, laughs, stories, thoughts and feelings: all around all the time. During the work week there isn't much time for all of that but during the weekend you may catch up.
It's important to catch up often, I've noticed, so that you don't lose touch of what's real and genuine.

Have a nice sunday evening!


  1. Vad ni fått det!:) Och vilka fina ljusstakar är det fattigmansilver? JÄTTEFINA:)
    Ha en mysig söndagskväll!

    Kraam Izabell

  2. Tack vännen!!
    Japp, IKEAs fattigmanssilver - jag gillar också looken :-)